1939 White, Model 810 Cab-Over-Engine

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I'm a Sucker For COE's. The Ones You See The Most These Days Are Ford and Chevy... But I Sure Do Like The White's. So I Desided To Post This Article About These Cool Trucks.
This Tanker In Particular.

White Trucks Were Built In Cleveland, Ohio. Originally, The White 
Sewing Machine Company Built Steam-Powered Automobiles and 
Light Trucks. By 1912, Steam Cars Were Dropped and the White 
Company Began Production of Larger Trucks. The Range of 
Heavy-Duty Models Was Expanded After WWI. By the Late 1920's, 
White Produced Trucks of Up to 7 1/2 Tons. Unlike Many Other Truck Manufacturers Who Bought Major Components From Others, White Built It's Own Engines and Many of It's Transmissions and Axles. White's Were Known For Being Quality Trucks. 

By the Mid 1930's, Many Facturers Were Offering Cab-Over-Engine Models Such as This Model 810. While More Difficult to Repair Due Their Engines Under-Cab Location. (Most Did Not Tilt Like Today's Cab-Overs), They Offered The Advantage of Being More Maneuverable in Making Urban Deliveries, and Could Be Equipped with Longer Bodies than Comparable Conventional Trucks. In 1936, Both Conventional and Cab-Over-Engine White Trucks Received an All-New Streamlined Design by Automotive Stylist Count Alexis De Sakhnoffsky.

Cab-Over-Engine 800-Series Whites, Such as This, Were Built Between 1936 and 1940. 
This Model 810 is Powered by a White-built 318 cu. In. Six-Cylinder Flathead Engine Which Produced 110 HP. and 245 FT. LB. of Torque. It Is Equipped with Hydraulic Brakes, and Rides on 10:00 x 20 Tires Mounted on Budd Wheels.

This White is Equipped with a Streamlined Four-Compartment Petroleum Tank of Slightly more Than 2,000 Gallons Capacity. The Delivery Pump and Hose is Located in a Compartment Along the Right Side of the Truck.
It Has a Built-In Oil Barrel Deck with a Removable Tailgate on the Rear of the Body. An Interesting Feature is the Rear of theTruck Cab, Which Has Been Contoured Into the Tank Body. This Provides a ClassicLlate 1930's Look. The Original Richfield Oil Company Block Letters are Mounted Prominently on the Sides of the Tank.
It Appears That This Unique Truck Had Previously Been in The Service of C. B. Nicholson, an ARCO Distributor in Hemet, California. It Was Subsequently Purchased by Consumer's Oil Company in Rosemead, California in 1975 and was Fully Operational. 
However It Apparently Did Not Re-Enter Delivery Service.

1939 White Cab Over Engine, Richfield Gas Company Fuel Tanker, Model 810 4 At the Motor Transport Museum in Campo.


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