Track Thursday

Sprint Car Racing...
Wow... Heavy Crash, Hope The Driver Survived!?


  1. Sadly, no Skip, the driver did not survive. It's been a while since I read the article that went to the series of pictures regarding this accident, but the driver didn't make it. And if I remember correctly, it wasn't the ejection and pursuing flight that killed him but another car that hit him after his body came to a rest. This happen in the 1930's and was the first time the photographer did a rapid action shot of picture taking.

    Back in those early days of car racing the philosophy was to be thrown clear of the car instead of being belted in. Obviously that wasn't a good idea.

  2. Thats Said JS, What's Really Cool Is That You Know this Stuff! Thanks for adding this Good Info! As Far as The Seat Belt Thing... I Think They Are Good... but It also always Depends on What Kind of Accident I think...
    Cheers Skip'