Mercedes-Benz 300SL Factory Body Drop


  1. This is a really interesting picture of the 300 SL body being lowered onto the chassis. I remember building model cars when I was a kid and the upper part of the car was like this, one solid piece. I can see why these cars are so expensive to fix when body damage occurs. There's no separation of fenders, inner fenders, front and rear valence. While the body looks very elegant, it seems to me a stupid idea tho have it one solid piece. Also, imagine you have to replace something under the body shell. You can't do it unless you lift the body off the chassis. What a pain in the ass. Side note. Check them drum breaks. They're HUGE-ED! for drums, betcha that thing had pretty good stopping power.

  2. Yes, Lets hope for the guys who own one that they dont get any damage or repairs ;-) Good Additional Info / Story JS, Thanks again!