Midweek Mopar

Don't know Who This Is... Picture Found On The Web.
I Sure Love These Sort Of Black & White's
1970's... Guy Cool Posing In Front Of His Dodge Charger


  1. Cool indeed. I still regret the day I sold my '69. To me that car was the epitome of bad ass cool! I know I will never find one again that I can afford and enjoy. My Charger was silver with a white vinyl roof, black interior. Motivation was a 383 CID with four barrel Carter and manual four on the floor. Fast? Oh hell yes. So much so I lost my license twice! That's why I sold it. Stupid I guess. 😞

  2. Sounds Like a Cool Ride and Time JS, Sometimes You gotta let Go things and at the end recon that you rather kept it, like so many rides I had ;-(
    Thanks for sharig your story!