Vintage Speed Saturday


  1. I've seen this picture somewhere before Skip, thou I can't remember where. But what I like about it is that this guy is truly old school. Note, no roll bar, a puddin pot helmet, goggles and a leather jacket. He just wants to get out on that dirt track and see what she'll do. It's the way our grand dad's, and some grand mom's, did it. No bull shit, just you, your car, and the open track. God I love that.

  2. Yes You're Sure Right Again JS, This Is The Way I Like It Too. Not Too Much Rules... Just Drive Your S#^* ;-) BTW... Puddin Pot Helmet, Love that Naming LOL

    1. Yeah, that's an old name for those helmets. "Puddin Pot" I guess it's called that because it looks like an over sized pudding bowl. :)