Skippic Saturday - My First Chevy...

My First Chevy... 1973 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe.
Bought of MSC Classic Cars about 20 Years Ago... I was 25 and Completely Blown of my Socks by this Sinister Chevy. Thought it Looked Real Badass. It had a 350 V8, Black Paintjob,
Lowered and had a Bench Seat. All Up to My Requirements at that Time. Drove Like a Boat but Sure was Fast.
From that... Hell Of A Car. Every Week New Issues Turned Up. At the Time I Got Her About 100%. I Drove Her Total Loss Through a Roundabout, Auch. I Think She was Jinxed... LOL.
She's Sure Forced me to Become a Self Thought Mechanic.
But, More Important... Made Some Nice Cruises & Memories with It. I Felt King Of The Road.


  1. Deep Purple baby, "I'm a highway Starrrrrrr!" Okay, now go play the record and reminisce. ;) My old friend had one of these, and you're right, it was a land yacht. Also, it had the strangest back window design. Or as you may call it, "back light." :p

  2. Haha, but yes you are right again sir! It had the curved inwards back window, that was for me another sinister looking catch at that time 👍