Truck Tuesday - 1950 Studebaker Pickup

Dunno Why Everyone Wants To Drive A 50's Chevy When You Also Can Drive A Cool Studebaker Like This! Man What A Cool Truck!


  1. A STUUUUUUUD! This looks like another Rust Week theme for the pics. I can dig it. There's a lot to said about the old rusty cars and trucks out there. This one looks like it in the states because telephone polls and wires I see. Beautiful day to take picture, wonder where it was? Nice setting for these shots.

  2. Yes I Started with brown at sunday on the sedan, but seems I have the most pics in my pre post storage collection of brown rusty rides haha. Wander why?? ;-)
    Yes The pics are in the usa, dont know where exactly, sorry. Thanks for your comment again JS!