Befor I Go Out... Some Questions 😎

Though I'm Running This Blog For Nearly Ten Years Now I Thought It Would Be Good To Ask My Readers / Visitors Some Advice?

- Do You Come Around On a Daily Basis Or ?

This Because I'm Asking Myself If It Would Be Okay To Post More On a Weekly Base Then On A Daily... Like I did The Last 10 Years?

- Would You Like To See More Personal Posting?

- Would You Like To See Me Posting Other Stuff Then Cars, Also?

- Do You Have Any Suggestions To Make My Blog More Fitting?

- Anything Else, Just Shoot!?

Anyway... Hope You Enjoy My Blog / Site and See U Next Year 🀘


  1. Skip you know me, I always check your blog daily, sometimes twice. Just because. I really dig what you post and I'm fine with the blog the way it is. The cars and trucks and lovely women. All good here. But if you feel so inclined to post other things I'm sure it would be in keeping with what your running here. You may want to post something different like trains or ships. I love epic battle ship sense, especially of the dreadnought era. What I'd like to see is the other followers say a few words on the things you post here. They needn't be so silent. Happy New Year Skip. To you and the family. Let's have a good one.

  2. JS... Thanks for checking in daily!
    And letting me know you're fine with the blog the way it is.

    I will see what I can add coming year ;-)

    Im not into battle ships myself but hey, you never know ;-)

    About other followers say a few (more) words on the things you post here.
    That would be nice, so far I get a lot of spam that im blocking... Links to other, no related sites ;-(

    Happy New Year to you and the fam to JS. Lets make 2020 a good one indeed!

  3. VonSkip, I check it every day. Lots of interesting cars. It is now part of my daily routine.