Sunday Busszz - Linn Coach & Truck Corp Stepvan

Here's Something Different!
I Cannot Recall Seeing Another One...
Don't Know The Year Of This Cool Linn Coach & Truck Corp Stepvan. I Guess Its a '60's...
Front Wheel Drive, Hercules 6 Cylinder With 4 Speed Trans. 
Only 47 Where Made in Oneonta NY


  1. Oneonta huh? Hmm, that's not that far from where I live. Roughly an hour and a half North. You know Skip there were a lot of car manufacturers here in the state of New York through the years, but oddly enough the Linn Coach & truck Corp. is not listed here on my registry that I got from the Northeast Classic car Museum in Norwich, N.Y. Going to have to check this out.

  2. Thats Real Interesting JS, Hope you will find out some more... 😉👌