Wagon Wednesday- 1968 Impala Station Wagon

Nice Long Roof 1968 Impala Station Wagon... Great Stance.
On This One I Find The Big Modern Wheels A Bit More Fitting.
I Would Love To Have a '68 Station as This as A Daily...
Shamefully Here They Are Becoming Rare and High Priced ;-/


  1. And as you can see folks, this is what's missing from today's cars. S T Y L E ! For that matter, cars are missing. There's hardly any manufacture that is making then anymore. It's mostly SUV's. Or as I like to call them, SUC's. There's just no more variety left anymore.

  2. Totally Agree Again JS, Todays Rides are all simulair to me, ugly turds. Seems Like there are no real creative designers that want / dare to be different no more 😢