Sedan Sunday - 1930 Ford Model A 2 Door

Damn This Silver 1930 Ford Model A 2 Door Sertainly Is A Nice Built...
Custom Blown Chopped Channeled Hotrod 🤘


  1. Absolutely! That's the nicest one I've seen in awhile. Silver is a very different color for hot rod. Don't believe I've seen many done in silver either. The fit and finish of the interior is top shelf stuff. Beautiful. You know, I've always been partial to the suicide front strait axle setup. Even though it's name suggest "A bad idea" I just thought it was, and still is bitchin'. Okay, silver is the color of the week. 👍

  2. It Sure Is a High quality build JS, Liking it to.. allthough I more like the ruff edged style rides. This one I sure would like to have ;-) I agree with the suicide fronts, like the looks of it but the risky side of it would not have my