Sedan Sunday - 1928 Ford Model-A Tudor

Wow This Sedan Has a Heavy Channel,
Maybe even To Far Over The Frame If You Ask Me,
Also... Another Gril and Some Bigger Rear Wheels would not be a MisFit.
But  Hey... Not My Ride So Who Am I To Say....
Sure Like The Flathead V8! 😍


  1. I see a few quirky things going on here with this build. The radiator grill appears to be homemade, and dare I say, awkward looking. It reminds me of a Case bulldozer grill. It also looks like the builder used a '59 Chevy Impala speedo bezel, then put in a different gadge. But maybe not on second look. Got the '58 Pontiac tail lights going on out back. It does fit the genre of "Rat" that for sure.