Sedan Sunday - 1931 Nash Hotrod Sedan

Here's Something You Don't See Very Often and I Like It!
1931 Nash Hotrod Sedan, Great Lines and Love The Wide Rear Slicks,  I Do Hope That There's More Then That One SteeringCollum Support Though 😉. This Nash Proves That I Doesnt Always Have To Be A Ford


  1. A horse of a different color. '31 Nash sedan, how rare is that? It's so Frankenstein looking. Everything is working right on this build. That crazy suicide front end, the massive Cheetah slicks out back, the small block perfectly built 350 Chevy, DUEL QUAD no less. Wild header pipes. That's got to have a note. The interior, perfect. The list goes on. Nice rod. I like different sedans from the 20's and 30's being used for hot rodding. This is very cool.

  2. YES!!! Totally Agree JSF, This is a cool different then the rest Sedan 😍