Skippic Saturday - 1958 Chevy Panel

Look What I Just Got In From My Buddy T From Fat Donkey Garage...
Sinnister Looking 1958 Chevy Panel, 454 BB, TH350 Trans, PSPB, Camaro Front, Sper Diff ... All Nice Specs. Only Thing I Don't Understand Is... Why Would Anybody Customize to More Ugly🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Shaving The Original Taillights Was A Good Beginning But Putting Back Those Fugly Tail Lights On That Spot???


  1. Well Skip, I guess again it goes to one's taste. I agree, placement of tail lights is not what I would do, nor would I use an aftermarket truck/trailer light. I'm sure you can remedy that in no time though. I must say this '58 panel delivery is pretty damn clean looking. Nice score there amigo. Damn, its even got a trailer hitch for haulin' your camper.

  2. Yes I could, But If I going to is another question. Got It in For a Quick Flip But allready changed wheels and tires and think I have to do more too as it does seem to need some more to be okay. Body looks ( besides from the small dent passenger side ) pretty darn Nice yeah 🤘