Truck Tuesday - 1929 Style Custom Pickup

Cool UK Based Ford Model A Pick Up
GRP 1929 Style Shell, Full Custom Pro Build
Heidts Mustang 2 Front Clip, Mustang 8.8 Rear Axle with Welded Axle Tubes,
Adjustable 4 Link and Panhard Bar.
Manual Steering Rack but Uses an Electric Power Steering Column. 
Disks Brakes All Round,
Fully Air Suspension, Airlift 3p 3/8 Digital Management.
Cummins 6bt Engine with Compound Turbo's

Below Some Articles About This Diesel Hotrod Pickup


  1. Don't really understand the purpose of this build, especially with a diesel engine. Nothing seems to fit right and it looks really cramped.

  2. I dont get this eather, besides showing off that you can put a lot of tech in such a little truck ;-) I dont get the diesel trend anyways...

  3. I do know they, diesels, make a hell of a lot of smoke and the noise is not the same as a gasoline engine. Maybe that's the attraction. But not mine. 🤔

  4. Thats the Thing I guess indeed, smoke & Torque