Truck Tuesday - 1940 Ford Pickup

Lovely Truck This Is...
Like the big & little tires helping to give it the right stance,
also the Black Paint & Pinstriping... I dig It!


Throwback... My Yard Some Years Ago,
At The Time That I Borrowed My Buddy Limpe's FishEye Lens...
This Is One Of The Pictures... I Made That Period and Still Like It!
Things Are Sertainly Changed A Lot Around Here Since Then...

Roadster Thursday - 1932 Ford

This 1932 Ford Roadster Really Is A Dream To Me....
Everything is 100% 😍
Great Pic Also... Source Unknown ;-(

Wagon Wednesday - 1950 Chevrolet Suburban

Besides The Faux Patina Paint Job
(You Know I'm Not a Real Fan Of That)...
I Really Dig This Bagged 1950 Chevrolet Suburban 🤘

Truck Tuesday - 1937 Chevrolet Pickup

I Sure Like This Old Beaten Up '37 Chevy Truck,
The Only Thing That Looks a Bit Odd To Me Is The Front / Grill.
If It Was Mine... I'll Changed (Only) That, But It Isn't LOL