Chopped Top Thursday - 1948 Hudson

Paul McKennariey’s 1948 Hudson
Photo's: Street Machine

Source/More Info: LINK 


  1. Okay, NOW we're talking. How fitting, since it's my birthday, to see this beautifully done Hudson that it should bring back a fond memory for me. My dad owned a Hudson Hornet for a little while, a '49 I believe, and it was the car he brought home my one of my little sisters in. I remember this car as it was so freaking HUGH to me, a boy of maybe 3 years old. I remember climbing up into the back seat and bouncing across it to the other side. It was like being in your living room. 😜

  2. First... Congrats buddy! Second... so cool that you have so many stories and remeberings on these old cars, thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you sir, and thanks for sharing your blog with us. Wish the other who see this would say something once in a while.

  3. You're welcome ;-) and yes that would be nice, guess google privacy setting hold them back a bit ;-(

  4. Yeah, a bit TOO much for my liking. PUSSY'S ANYWAY.