Chopped Top Thursday - 1950 Ford Shoebox

Bit Radical and ruff finnish but I like It...
Lots of Cool Kustom Mods...  I sure Like the Suicide Doors 🤙
Think She's a Loud Mofo Also,...
Seen the exhaust coming out the front fender!


  1. Hey Skip, no doubt that little shoe box is very loud. I don't think that's legal due to carbon monoxide getting into where the occupants are. Oh well, guess they have to learn the hard way.

  2. Think indeed she runs open headers, with my hotrod its the same... coming out at the front door. no fumes there but hey, its a topless roadster, makes a difference I guess ;-)

    1. Big difference my friend. Do you wear ear plugs when you drive it? Oi! 😳

  3. Yup that is, my fumes can get away ;-) Not wearing ear plugs till now on. But I think when we gonnan make some more long distance trips it would be good to wear them! Sound and wind makes you tired LOL