Sedan Sunday - 1931 Ford Model-A

Radical built '31 Ford Sedan,
when I looked at this sedan at first sight I thought it was somekind of odd. Not meaning to judge or whatsoever...
But I think the small & streched frame and the pulled down roof making some things not lining up make it look that way.
Bet she's fast with that bog block engine though!
All this combined with the suicide front... makes me wander if it's safe? Guess the owner/builder loved spikes also 😁
All and all she sure is a Rat Rod, but not my kind...
Although I sertainly can appreciate and do respect the effort thats put in!

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  1. This Arizona Rat Rod is an odd build, but each to their own I guess. Got to say though, there are some unique features in this build. Yes, they defiantly likes the pikes surrounding the cowl. What struck me was the front end build. The suicide axle has some thought put into it. I note the shock mounts are not at all flimsy, and the strait axle has a stabilizer shock mounts to the drag link pitmen arm to support better steering I would guess. Also, those tires in front are not really right for cars. They look to be trailer tires. 🤔