Stoked... Ready To Roll!

Yesterday, after the second inspection...
my '29 Roadster finally got approved! 
Happy with that... another cool ride on the Dutch Roads.


  1. Old Roadster's looking good Skip. Question. Did you ever give any thought to videoing your rides and shows and maybe posting them?

    1. I did, some years ago I video'd more then nowadays, maybe have to try it. Any ideas on what exactly you had in mind... just walk arounds? or? Most of the time i'm busey driving, wrenching or talking to peops ;-) and I forget to tape

  2. Nice one Skip. Sweet Roadster I would say... Congratulations !

  3. Nice one Skip. Congratulations ! Keep up the good work !

  4. Hmm, suggestions. Well, Maybe some walk arounds at the car show gatherings. Some interviews possibly with the builders of the rods and customs, if they are okay with it. Sometimes just setting the Go-Pro looking out the window as you're driving one of your favorite drive in the country is great video footage t share. Oh, and yes, congratulations. on the passed inspection.

  5. Thanks about the inspection, happy with that! As far as the filming... sounds like a plan, altought gatherings last months are rare and it seems that it stays like that for a while with covid coming up again overhere, but i sure keep it in mind! Thanks