Flathead V8 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Immaculate 1929 Ford Model A Roadster HotRod Flathead V8


  1. It is impressive to see how much the hot rod/custom world has come in the finished products we see these days. I just don't know where some of these folks get the money. But it's going somewhere that it can be appreciated.

  2. I Agree SJF, Allthough I really can appriciate the looks, parts, everything... the side effect of the major pricing makes it only in reach for the wealthy and not always greasers ;-(

    1. So very true Skip, and that's the rub between us greasers and the elite. They can buy all their cool, while we pour our heart and soul into it. That's okay, we just keep doing our thing.

  3. agree, in the beginning I found that major frustrating, the ones in the mags, photo's etc beging cool and all dressed up but not even knowing what engine is in their car (for example). But hey... who am I to judge ;-) live & let live ;-) Cheers all ;-)