1959 Chevy Assembly Line...


  1. Nice picture of the end of the assembly line from '59. Those impala's, Biscayan's and Bel-Air's were a custom in the making right out of the factory. But I came across a video from 2009 put out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and when I first saw it back in '09 I didn't think too much of it other then the crash test between the '09 Chevy and the '59 seemed a little odd that the '59 would have sustained that much damage against a newer car. Well recently I saw the test again and saw something I never noticed before. The test was disingenuous, and dare I say biased towards the newer model Chevy. Here's the video.


    Tell me what you see is wrong with this safety crash test.

  2. I looked it over a bunch of times, almost crying wripping up that 59 ;-) The only thing I can think of not being fair, is the place of the impact on the cars, at the modern one almost full frontal and the 59 only on the side near the engine? do you mean that or???? ;-) please tell us ;-)

  3. Hi Skip, the place of impact is legit, it's the fact that the '59 was rusted out severely underneath the car that when it hit, it crumpled up like a tin can. If you look at the slo-mo of the impact you can see the clouds of rust dust billowing our from the Impala's underside. In the closing shots you see it poring out of the rocker panels like a water fall! The car was just dolled up to look new when in truth it was what my old friend at the junk yard referred to as "Crusher Dust." Had the Impala been brand new the '09 would have had the engine in it's back seat!

  4. Really, thats what I like big about you.. great observer on these things and education to us ;-)