More '46....

Progress on the truckbed, sadly forgot to make pics of the newly reinforced steel bed frame but I think you get the picture... On with the next stuff...


  1. The 'ol '46 truck bed looks great Skip. Love that wood work you've done. I might not have put the fuel cell and battery in the bed, only because I like lots of cargo room in my truck. But regardless of what our taste is, this is looking really nice, and i love the way you aged the woos with a torch.

  2. I agree JSF, not my first choice eather putting tank & batt in the trunck but just couldnt find a good fitting tank and spot underneath. Thanks for the heads up on the woodwork, yes I didn some torching ;-). happy to get the truck of the "bridge" after many months of adding stuff. Hopefully she's a runner within a few weeks ;-)

    1. Looking forward to that. 👍 Sorry about my misspells, really need to prof read my comments a bit better. 😉

  3. no JSF, be yourself and what you are doing ;-)