Last saturday I took the '46 out for the first time after almost 2.5 years... to my bud Johan. He's the owner of "Dielissen Uitlaten" and helped me adding a double exhaust system with mufflers. I got minor space between exhaust manifold and eather steeringbox at left and oil filter at right but with Johan his skills & his hydraulic bending machine this wasn't any problem for him! So if you're living in The Netherlands, Germany or Belgium... and in need of a cool custom exhaust? Give Johan a call... I'm sure he can make your wishes come true 😉. Check Dielissen Uitlaten -> dielissenuitlaten.nl


  1. Wow. Nice job on the exhaust work by Johan. What kind of mufflers are you running on your truck? They look like they could be a turbo type judging from there size. I'm surprised you didn't go with glass packs. My personal choice is Cherry Bombs. Love the deep mellow tone they give when driving down the road. I'll tell you though, if you really want a note from your exhaust, you go strait pipe all the way out to the back. In fact if you pinch the strait pipe along its run to the back it will give you an even nicer note and won't be to offensive to the tree huggers. One thing we should try to do when the new system id installed is PAINT IT! Run it a few miles or so to burn off the preservative oil in the pipes and then paint the hell out of them with some VHT Paint. That does help preserve them.

  2. The mufflers are cherrybombs but not the red sigar types that mostly being used overhere in NL. The glaspacks... I dont wanted to much of a sound as the truck still has to pass inspection. They are not keen here on to much sound...sadly ;-(