Installing Windshield Glass - 1946 Ford


One of this weeks, and latest jobs on the 1946 Ford Pickup
project...Windshield installation...
There's 2 pieces of laminated glass (left and right)
It's best to get some help... being with minimal 2 people and install from the inside.
Basically... put the glass inner part/groove around the glass and put a (small, dipt in grease) rope around the outer part/groove of the gasket.
You could also use a little dish soap and rub the inside of the outer part/groove of gasket before installing rope, this will make it easier to pull the rope during install and prevent the rubber gasket from tearing up.
Books say passenger side goes first, but we started at the driver side and that turned out to be okay as well.
Then... CAREFULLY bring the windshield installed in gasket with attached rope inside the truck cabin and bring the assembly over the dash and up against the pinchweld.
Now, another person from outside starts to pull gently on the rope and lip the gasket over the pinchweld and work your way all around.

After the shields are in you can instal the center bar with gaskets. This also is best to do with two persons but its doable alone...
As I did that LOL. Be extremely carefull and don't over tighten the interior nuts on the bar or the glass will crack!

This way.. It worked for me!
The glass and gasket seem to fit perfectly and so a big heads up for the aftermarket supliers. 

Glass: Autocityclassic
Seal/gasket: Vintique Inc. NR: 01A-701290

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