Sedan Sunday - 1929 Chevrolet Tudor Hotrod



  1. Okay. Another nice '29 sedan. Beautiful finish on this one too. "How low can you go?" Got everything working for it. Layout, engine, interior, paint and chrome. I think the velocity stacks are a bit over kill, but hey, it's a hot rod. Like how he did the zoomies coming off the engine, but brother they have to be loud. Don't forget your ear plugs when you go for a ride with this number.😁😉

    1. I think this is a superb built also! Really nice job. I als would swap the air cleaner/carb set up but thats all folks ;-)

  2. I do have one question. I've never ridden or even drove a rod of this nature. I have yet to experience this. But my question to you Skip or anyone who has this type of set up; with the gas tank in the back right behind you head wouldn't you be smelling a lot of raw gas fumes? Just curios.

  3. At my 2015 built I had the same set up and never smelled anything, but then again... I didnt have any side windows so think thats different ;-)