Chopped Top Thurday - 1937 Ford

1937 Ford coupe built by Ed Umland out of Eddie’s Chop Shop in Orangevale, California,
It's chopped, channeled and sectioned, 
Body sits on a tube chassis with a huge roll cage. 
Powered by a mid-mounted 440-cube Chevy LSX Chevy (almost 1,200 hp) 
Ford GT transaxle and modified C5 Vette suspension. 
The front suspension is also a modified C5 ‘Vette. 
The custom sheetmetal intake manifold is designed by Ed. 
Attached to twin 80mm Comp Turbos with T4 housings,
Turbo Smart wastegates and blow-off valves, an air-to-air charge coolers and air-to-water charge cooler integrated into the intake.
Don Zemina built the engine and heads. 
Custom stainless headers and exhaust by Ed. 
They thrashed on this thing at the 1/4-mile drag strip in Famoso Raceway
and with soft launch it ran 152mph at 10.55. 
Before they got kicked out for not having a ‘chute.


  1. This is one cool old Ford. I had a chuckle when I first saw it because it reminded me of Hot Wheel toy that's been stripped of its paint.

  2. correct, i also had some recon on the Beetle models but that was 1 sec LOL