Tigre Blanco Video... Feed The Wolves

Just released earlier this week... 
Tigre Blanco's latest video of their latest song: Feed the Wolves
Story and footage shot by Jurgen Ooms (JtM Video) and Quintijn Lohman, during the lockdown 🤘 Enjoy the ride...

Great to be part of this creative collaboration! Proud of my scary daughter 😉
Video shot in a literaly supercool old Villa in our hometown.

Link to online article ED

1931 Ford Model-A Coupe

Love the old school paint job on this coupe...
I would have changed the roof and not added the stickers, but besides that...
I dig this little coupe!

1952 Chevy Fleetline "Chevyllac"

1952 Chevrolet Fleetline Custom
Here's my old 1952 Chevrolet Fleetline Kustom.
Purchased from/built by Bobby Middleton of King Customs...
Chopped 5-1/2", nosed, decked, frenched headlights.
All side molding removed.
1952 Cadillac rear quarters and taillights.
1952 Oldsmobile front bumper.
1952 Cadillac rear bumper.
Stock Chevy grill with 1952 Buick grill bars.
Fresh 394 oldsmobile V8 engine with camcraft cam.
4 brl carb, offenhauser valve covers.
1959 Oldsmobile jetaway hydramatic transmission.
Stock radiator recored with bigger cores.
1959 Olds rear end.
Gennie shifter.
Firestone pie crust wide white tires.
1957 cadillac hubcaps.
Ford Mustang gastank with VW filler cap.