1931 Ford Model-A Pickup Truck

Here's my 1931 Ford pickup, Being working on it last week...
Had to many street rod ad ons, in my opinion... Sometimes less is more!


  1. That's true Skip, less can be more. Now what is the box hanging down from the bed between the tail pipes? Is that a fuel cell? I see on the right side 3/4 rear shot there is a fuel cap leading to it. Your '31 is looking great. You have quite the talent sir.

  2. You're right again sir, thats the fuel cell... .the only thing I'd like to change later on ;-) Thanks!

    1. Sorry, let's try that again. How would you change it?

  3. At this piont there's a LPG tank in the truckbed, my plans are getting rid of that no hotrod stuff and delete the big ugly fuell cell below/back and put a Spun tank or so in the truckbed. But first some other work waiting. Plus its driveble like it is, so why hurry 😉

  4. Ps: when i got it in... it had bumpers, wooden truckbed side rack, ugly lmao pinstriping all over and the wheels etc didnt match in my opinion, so changed all that first 👍