1959 Chevrolet Apache

Truck Tuesday - 1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside Big Window


  1. Well no doubt you've heard by now that GM has gone full retard on their game plan for 2035. The whole line of SUV's (because no one wants CARS anymore) and truck/car (Because that's what the industry is doing. They are making trucks that have four doors and a small bed, which is basically a car in a truck body.) Will be ALL ELECTRIC! Like I said, FULL RETARD!

    I look at this old '59 Apache and the artfully sculpted lines on it. Even in its rusty state I see the potential it has for doing creative and cool custom work as a form of expression. Its internal combustion engine a source of power that is reliable and a joy to hear when properly piped. Even little touches like the chromed head light covers, so one can run with their high beams on at night all, and not blind the oncoming traffic. Did you notice that?

    I'm so glad that, if God is merciful, I won't be around to see "electric" vehicles dominate the roads and leave us in the dark at night when they suck the power grid dry while all those piece's of shit are all recharging. But that was all part of the plan now, wasn't it. Sorry Skip, I was ranting. 😔

  2. Haha, I hope i wont live to see all bateried cars taking over JSF, Fuel for me please ;-)