'77 C10 Before & After...

This weeks in between job, working on tha 1977 Shoptruck. Welded shot some rusted out pieces and painted it Flat Black. I know... done to many times, but needed it to be easy and one color. Plans on replacing front fender next week...


  1. Nice looking step side Chevy Skip. You spray boomed it didn't you. Cool. So what if it's matt black, I like it. Wish I could find me an old '73 to '79 Dodge TWD pick up again. I really miss my "75 Custom 200.

  2. I went for a quick spray can paint job JSF, as its a ruff one, worker anyway.
    I also like the dodge truck you mentioned. they are findable in usa still?

    1. Yes they are Skip, but if you want a good runner you better bring a big check with you. It's hard to find a good deal on one that isn't junk.

  3. I know... I looked for them in the usa. Prices are at the sky these days ;-(