Skippic Saturday

Last week... Our Snubnose at -6C, Today... It's +12C.
So winter & spring in one week 🤷‍♂️


  1. Hope your right. Winter is our longest season around here. It can start as early as October and go to the end of May. No really, it can. So when we, those of us who are unfortunate enough to live in this part of the country, say were sick of shit, we really mean it.

  2. I believe you in a sec, we had snow here for 4 days and I was tired of it at the 3rd day LOL. Nice to open up the garage door again and work in a T ;-) Hang in there JSF! 😉😁

    1. I'm trying Skip. It ain't easy, especially the way things are going politically. This whole scene really sucks over here. Just heard we got another storm coming in on Tuesday. That just makes me so happy I could pee.

  3. Really? how is that storm left you behind ? Think you should think about living in the Neds then haha. Good luck for now anyway!