Truck Tuesday

This 1929 Ford pickup with chopped top & extended cab is for now my favorite ride/post of this year. I dont dare to say if the front axle air ride set up is up to Safety st but what a bad ass hot rod. Love the big n littles with the wire wheels, the chop and the lines of the cab, the cowl steering set up, etc...
Respect to the builder!
I know some would say its a no go maybe, but I Like it 🤘

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  1. Skip I meant to say something about this cool rod too, but been kind of out of sorts. Nothing serious, just feel "blah" lately. I think it's the weather and the bull with politics here. But not to worry, Summer's almost here. I hope.

    Now, about this rat truck rod. It is very cool in my view. So what did the builder do? I'm thinking he, or was it a she that did it? They took a '29 sedan, cut the back off and took out the rear seat section and married it to the front. No small feat to preform. Lots of cool stuff going on here in this build. And the profile stance is spot on.