1955 Chevy COE By Max Grundy

Love this Slammed Hauler COE
1955 Chevy 5400 LCF light Duty Chevrolet
Named ODIN... a Max Grundy Design

1932 Ford Sedan Delivery

Really Lovely Sedan Delivery here...
Whats not to like... paint, stance? Everything's perfect to me!

'37 Olds...

This weeks set back, taking out the carpet on the 1937 Olds...
came up with a (un)plessant suprise 😢
Floors looks pretty Crusty and there was a horror repair done on the left side, Think way back... in the USA.
Used 1.5 alu plate, bituum, paper and lots of bondo
So desided to take it all out and made it solid again

Still have to make the tunnel right for the LOKAR shifter but thats for later, first finish the wiring... 6V to 12V.