Early Ford Banjo rear end to Torque Tube Oil Leak Problem / Solution

Torque Tube Oil Seal Tech...

If you're running a banjo and torque tube, especially if your car sits on a rake,which means the torque tube is sloping down from rear to front.

You've probably, like I recently did with my  Raked 1934 Ford Pickup Truck...
Struggled with the problem of your rear end oil drilling it's way up the torque tube, starving the banjo and leaking out in front of the transmission big time, or maybe even flooding your trans?

One solution was to fit a Vern Tardel baffle into the torque tube which is basically a tube within a tube, sealed at the end, that acts as a reservoir for the escaping oil that allows it to drain back when it can. But as Tardel doesn't seem to make/sell these any longer I had to come up with another solution.

Another (long) search on the interweb showed another solution.(Thanks HAMB & FordBarn!)
Inspired by these posts, I worked out a two part solution:
a machined Insert Sleeve thats holds a seal, designed to sit in the bell of the torque tube.
Note: we used the following seal: NATIONAL K3517S (Mexico)

Below there's a photo report of my/this job.

At this point I didnt test drive it yet, so still need to see if the problem is cured...

Some good leads in case of tackling this problem are also:
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Some Helpfull Youtube Video's:

Hopefully It helps you out solving your problem also!

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