Throwback... 2009

Me driving the "Coupe de Cab" to SINS 3
Scrapers CC Indoor Nostalgia Show 2009
Oktoberhallen, Wieze, Belgium
Best weekend I can remember (1/2 😜)
Picture by my buddy Limpe Iven


  1. Hey Skip, your are right. It was a perfect show and a nice weekend. We were there and have presented our slingshot dragster. We drove 900km with the trailer from our base to Wieze and every km was worth it. We wait since 2009 for the SINS 4!

    This year we will make a custom show for cars and bikes.
    Find more about it on our homepage

    Your are welcome!

    Best regards

  2. Hi Hans, I can remember the slingshot, hell yeah! 🤘
    We also were waiting for SINS 4 but dont think that will happen ;-(
    Luckaly the Hotrod Hayride (UK) is back in bizz this year ;-)
    I will dive into your homepage and check if we can come there!
    Thanks for the invite and Cheers Skip'