Hotrod Hayride Reunion Show 2022 Photo's by VonSkip - Part 1

Back from a nice roadtrip with some of my Jesters CC Buddy's for another GREAT weekend at the Hotrod Hayride Reunion Show 2022

Thanks to... Jerry Chatabox, the Hotrod Hayride Team & The Detonaters Car Club, London 👏

After 8 years it was back at the Bisley Shooting ground UK
What a super nice old school Location that still is!
Hope you love the photo's as much as we loved the event!
Hopefully next year another edition...
Cheers Skip'

Will be posting more footage later this week...
So keep checking up on this blog if you like to see more...


  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip, interesting looking location. Some serious car porn there….

  2. We sure did, I would mark this as one of the best outdoor Car Show outside the US ☝👍