C4 Ford Transmission Pan Oil Leak Fix

After 3 Attemps and Still a Leaking Oil Pan on my 1967 Ford Mustang. And reading all over the interweb that it seems to be a C4 Thing?

Desided to take it to Another Level 
and make another (Hopefully the last) plan...

A Custom, home made brace / bracket
for a Better Pan/Gasket Support
(Thanks for the collaboration Steven)

Some Other Stuff You Will Need...
I Used The Fel-Pro TOS 18623
3 Speed Ford 1964-69 Automatic Transaxle Gasket

Some RTV Sealand Gasket Maker for later on... 

Some Longer Bolts (11x) 5/16-18 x 3/4" (=19.05mm)
and Locking Rings

Some Slight Swipe of RTV Sealand Gasket Maker on Both Sides of the Fel-Pro Gasket

Oh Yeah...
Here's the Torque Sequence and Spec of the C4 Ford Transmission 👌

It Sure Took Some Effort to Get It All in Place
But Lets See if This Really Is Going To Be 
The Problem Solver

Hopefully this post is clear and could be
some help to others also, We'll see!

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