1934 Ford Flathead V8 Hotrod Pickup Truck | VonSkip

Here's one of my latest Project / Ride's...
Unfortunately had to let this little Truck go. This thing drove reall well for a Flathead V8 and what a Stance 👌

1934 Ford Pick-Up Truck Hotrod.
1932 Style Grille.
All Original Henry's Steel.
Completely Rebuilt 24 Stud Flathead V8.
255.4 CI / 4.2 liter, 4-inch-stroke cranck-shaft.
French SIMCA, 1986...
The improved Version of Ford Flathead V8 for the French Military from 1962 to 1990.
A Combination of the 1946-1947 and 1949-1953 Ford Flathead Engine Blocks
French Flathead Zenith 32 NDIX Carb (15439)
Ford R6 Alternator
3 Speed Ford Flathead 3 Speed Top Loader Transmission
Dropped Front Axle
Reversed Eye Spring Up Front
12 Volt Conversion
B-L-C Head Lamps (Converted to H4/EU)
Alu Radiator, Electric Fan, Alu Coolant Catch Tank
Tiki Shifter
B-L-C Head Lamps (Converted to H4/EU)
New Wood Flooring in Cab & Truck Bed.
New Fuel Tank (73-79 VW Bus) Tank
Filler in Old "Tool" Box in Truck Bed
Great 1939 Ford Truck 16" Artillery Style Wheels
Firestone DeLuxe Champion Tires
6.00-16 Up Front and 7.00-16 @ Rear

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