C10 Truck 3" Front Drop Spindles - Part 1

This weeks job, Suspension Upgrade and...
Lowering my 1979 C10 Chevrolet Pickup Truck
Using 3 inch drop spindles (LOSTAR LSOT00070)
First got rid of the old bended (Heated?) Coils
(Image 2: Left)

1st went for the 2" drop new dropped coils
(Image 2: Right)
That seemed to low...
Interfearing with fenders big time and exhaust/ground clearance wasnt great...

So desides to take everything apart once again
and went for the Stock Coils (Image 1: Mid), That's better.
Still a little rubbing when making corners backwards but I'll fix that. Or will go for another wheel/tire combo...
We'll see

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