T.G.I.F (600th)

Here it is... the 600th / last one
This time in Color... T.G.I.F.
Hope You Enjoye(d)
Cheers... Skip'


  1. Please say it isn’t true, the 600th and last, is it the end of it all? Please say it isn’t true.
    Loving the sun through the curtain, I may have to use tha5 idea😋
    Mate it’s been a blast…
    Cheers MM (aka Shayne)

  2. MD... Wont be the last... specially for you ;-) But wont be posting daily / weekly any longer for a while... after 14 years daily posting, im in need for some "rest" 😜

  3. Thanx Geert. Hope you're okay. Gonna miss it. Take care...

  4. omfg i just now found this today and now this is it? will the posts still remain? i trust they will, right? buddy ol pal??

  5. Who knows i will pick it up later on, first some major work on other stuff ;\)