1969 Chevrolet C10 Patina Pick Up - VonSkip

1969 C10 Ratrod Pick Up

V8 350 CUI and 350 Automatic Trans
Recently Converted to Power Booster / Brakes.Braking Impoved 200%
Sightly Lowered, Widened Steel Weels, Looks Great.
Some small rust holes in body / cab corners...
Inside above passenger door and above window also,

but hey it's a ratrod. Floors, etc solid as a rock!
Truckbed ruff & dented real patina, cab is painted (faux patina) to match the bed.
Big Truck Side Mirrors
Wooden Truckbed Rack (removable).
No Fuel Tank (Removed Out of the Cab.& Gone) Drives on LPG (IMPCO) only

Engine has 400CUI heads, Runs Good, No Strange Noises Besides Small Leeking Exhaust Manifold. Engine Uses Some Oil But Engine was Opened and Inspected by Previous Owner and Founded Okay ( Not By Me - No Warranty ).
Bench seat... has one small tear up but sits good.
Hate to let go but bougth a youngtimer truck...
Dutch Registration, driven daily.
Call: 0031 6 5335 96 74 or Email VonSkip

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