Brought Back to Life

Earlier this week, dot the I's and cross the T's to the 1951 Ford F1
@dded missing parts as blinkers, indicators, headlights, taillights, foglight, horn, etc. Wipers took some days work, grabbed a Corsa B mechanism from a junyard nearby and shortened it up to 42,2 cm to fit the cowl of the truck. Installed a Peugeot 205 Park brake lever on the floor combined with custom made cable system. Welded, tinned and installed the Mustang fueltank.

Ealier mods... 1986 Monte Carlo front clip, 1996 Chevrolet S-10 4 wheel drive rear end, (3:42 limited slip) 400 small block Chevy V8, 600CFM Holley Carb. 700R4 transmission with Gennie shifter. Afco Alu radiator with electric fan. 1947 Packard Clipper custom hoodornament. Oldsmobile flipper hub caps. Quick Disconnect with early 1950 boat steeringwheel...

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