Electroline 2200 headlights

Damn wouldn't you like to have a pair of these!? Was curious about the reserve on this set of awesome vintage 40's Chrome Electroline 2200 Headlights earlier at thE bay.  2 Late...  Guess now we'll know!  Winning bid: US $ 3,550.00


  1. Be aware of a Craigslisting of Chrome Electroline 2200 Headlights SCTA Rat Rod 1932. They are of the pictures above but the guy Gabriel Szopos is a con man who claims to be in hospital will take money to hold the lights.

  2. Hello, I offer you 2000 dollars, departure for France ... Give me news thank you

    1. Sorry man, I didnt get these... as you can read, someone else bought them for over 3K USD 👀