"Truck Tuesday"

You know I'm not a big fan of shiny paintjobs but... Dan Collins did the right thing whit his '38 Ford pickup!

It's been said that this truck belonged to a sailor who used a military louver punch to vent the hood, put a dropped axle under it, and add juice brakes from a '40 Ford. By the time Dan got his hands on it, the truck wasn't in the greatest condition. Initially, the plan was to build a basic beater, but as many a project does, this one snowballed big time. From its shiny paint to its finished interior, the truck is now anything but a beater, as you can plainly see. Dan chopped the top and even  added a '67 Corvette 327--complete with an Offy/Stromberg 97 six-two setup. The custom-mixed Wasabi Gold pearl applied by Dan's friend Nick O'Teen is complemented by an off-white and black tuck 'n' roll job. A set of '40 Ford steelies is mounted with Firestone whitewalls and stainless Mercury caps to go! Complete Story

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