What's on the Hood...

George Petty 1950s NASH Hood Ornament

Midweek Music

Reverend Horton Heat, Lie Detector
From the (fifth) Album: Space Heater. Released: 1998
If it makes you feel better, Here's a little tip
If I screwed up, You'd be the first, To get hip

You are the lie detector

Waiting for a slip, Ain't no way to live.
I gotta take the test, If you've gotta give.

( Chorus / See below)

What kind of thing could be, Running through your mind?
What the hell you thinking that, You're gonna find?
You got nothing on me!

Officer, prosecutor, Judge, and Jury too.
What the hell you think, exactly that you're gonna prove? 

( Chorus / 2x )
You are the lie detector, You are the lie detector
You are the truth protector, You are the lie detector girl... yeah 

Midweek Muscle

 1968 Dodge Charger

Saltlake Saturday

Texas SooBad...

Here's a picture of my Texan Pall Eddie...
in the passenger seat of his buddies 572 Chevy Big Block 1941 Willy's at Good Guys Ft Worth Texas...

Another Nightmare...

Last night 9-10-2013... In Deurne (NL) not far from here...
at 0:30 o clock at night... this Chrysler was spotted by a bicyclist who saw some flames coming out of a bush. I believe it once belonged to my Bud Sascha. A crying shame...

HERE a link to the Dutch News / Article.
Photo's by Martien van Dam