Midweek Movie - The Big Wheel

The Big Wheel

Year: 1949, ( 92 Min ).
Director: Edward Ludwig
Writer: Robert Smith
Stars: Mickey Rooney, Thomas Mitchell, Mary Hatcher 

Billy Coy comes to Carrell (a real speedway in Gardena, California when the movie was made). 
Red, Billy's late father's mechanic, hires Billy as a mechanic.
Billy soon gets a job as a driver. 
Will he get to race the Indianapolis, the track where his father died?


  1. Alright Skippy, Finally got to watch "The Big Wheel". Story was good, until the end. Sorry, NO Indy driver (that I can think of) ever gives the trophy to another driver after they win the big one. Once again Hollyweed paints history THEIR way. Other then that, pretty good. There is one thing I did notice. The movie release was 1949, at 1:09:46-47 coming into the parking area, I think at gate 10 is a '50 or '51 Oldsmobile or Pontiac. And again at 1:11:51-52 a '50 or '51 Olds is the pace car for the field. And the announcer says "The 1949 Indy 500." Bloooooper. ;-p

  2. Like your comments G! Keep doing that ;-) Cheers from the Neds!