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Joe Mack...

Joe Mack is legendary far beyond the suburbs of Maryland, thanks in part to Steve Coonan, creator of the Rodder's Journal. Joe was involved in a number of car-related businesses but his most successful one was upholstery.  Steve Coonan documented Joe's adventure driving his 1929 Ford Roadster across America. The picture belowe shows Joe on his way to California where he made a lot of friends... also some of the legends of the Hot Rod world.

Burning Hell

1959 Dodge Royal Lancer just saved(?) from a barn fire...

Thursday Tech Specs- Bellhousing & Patterns

Bellhousing is a term for the portion of the transmission that covers the flywheel and the clutch or torque converter of the transmission. This housing is bolted to the engine block.

On some transmissions, the bellhousing is a non removable part of the transmission case.

Just launched a new Tech Specs page today... 
About GM / Ford / Chrysler Bellhousing Patterns
See Tech Specs Page or Click HERE

Truck Tuesday - Gasser Madness

1941 Ford Gasser Pick up from Weldon Richardson, Amarillo, Texas
355ci Mouse Engine assambled by Jim's Custom Machine...
Weiand 6-71 blower with twin Holley 600-cfm carbs
1969 Muncie M22 four-speed transmission
1967 Ford Fairlane rearend packed with 4.11 gears
Speedway Motors Gasser kit including the straight axle, semi-elliptical springs, early Ford-style spindles, and Gabriel tube shocks.
15"steelies with Towel City cheaters on the rear
15" American Racing 5 spokes with BF Goodrich up front.
Speedway Motors fenderwell
Custom 2-1/2-inch exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. 
Read more about this awesome Gasser Truck: HERE

Sled Saturday

1947 Buick Sedan Leadsled...
Lots of work got in to this ride... the front I can dig but the roofline could be done better I think.
Of course... chopping a sedan is a pain in the ass... but then rather leave it original / alone.