Sedan Sunday - 1930 Ford Model A

1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan / Chopped & Channeled / Hotrod.
Nice Detailed Rod, Dunno Who Built it But Heads Up!
Love the Stance, Engine, Intirior & Cowl Steering, Well Built!

Skippic Saturday

Another Great Piece Of History R.I.P...
30's  Dirt Track Racer at Turners Wrecking Yard, Fresno, USA
Shot by Me During My Cool Petrol Trip Oct 2017


Damn... again about 37C degrees out here Today.
Time for Some Refreshing...

Skippic Saturday - Drunken Style Grinder

What Music are you listening to When Working on Your Car?
I Mostly put up Some Bluegrass, Blues Or Rock and Roll...
Shawn James Is Also One of My fav's at the Garage...
As Shown on this Drunken Man's Grinder LOL

Sedan Sunday - 1929 Ford Model A Rat Rod

Love it Or Hate It...
Me... I love the Chop, Seats an Fuel Tank
But Not Sure About the Mailbox & Carb Set Up...  to Much for Me