Sedan Sunday - 1931 Ford Sedan Hotrod

Nice All Steel 1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan
Chopped 2 1/2'' & Channeled 3", TCI Boxed Frame
Center Stud Valve Cover 350 Engine with Two 2 Barrel Carbs
Ford 8" Rear end with 276 Ratio, with Four Link
Rather Would Seen a more Traditional Solid I-beam Axle Instead of the Pete & Jakes Super Ride Front End. 
But... Really Like the Ribbed Chrysler Van Roof!

Skippic Saturday

 Yes... Finally No More Back Breakin' Body Lifting,
Although It Took a Busted Fingernail... Auch.
Happy with my New Gantry Crane!

Skippic Saturday - '46 Ford Truck Built...

This Progress on The '46 Ford PU...
Change of Plans...Swapping the ST300 for the 350 BOP.

Also Swapped the '46 Banjo for A Stronger Variant...
'51 F1 Dana44 / Spicer Rear End.Fits Well!
But Still Have Allign the Pinion & Trans Angle....

Thursday TechSpecs - Driveline Geometry

How To Set Up Your Pinion Angle...
Engine / Transmission / Drive Shaft / Rear End...
Driveline Geometry.